branden j stanley that vintage lens portrait curator

About the Curator

Branden J. Stanley is an Emmy-award-winning cinematographer and life-long camera enthusiast, who grew up in a small town on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Part of a small Catholic home-schooling family, Branden began his fascination with the visual arts as soon as he could hold a camera. Attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, he graduated Cum Laude with a degree in video production. Two weeks after graduation, he married his childhood sweetheart and today they spend their time raising their energy-filled young son.

Today, he presides as the Creative Director at award-winning Chicago film company, Spirit Juice Studios. Branden combines his extensive knowledge of modern cameras in the photographic and cinematic realms with his love of fine craftsmanship, analogue culture, and the cameras from the golden age of photography.